New editions of The Joshua Files with new artwork, including prequel The Descendant in the matching set, BUY links for Amazon, paperback and Kindle. All BUY links for paperback and Kindle, Amazon UK and USA in one place.

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The first reviews are here and they're FAB!
Starburst Magazine's Ed Fortune:
"Thirty pages in and you may well be humming the Thunderbirds theme tune under your breath.

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Gemini Force One Artwork

Gorgeous artwork from Chris Thompson and Andrew Probert, the legendary Hollywood designer who created the designs of GF One (interior and exterior) and GF Two according to descriptions left by Gerry Anderson. Plus photos from the Oxford launch party!

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What Reviewers Say:

  • Harris keeps the tension high throughout the action sequences, providing enough information for you to envisage what’s happening in your mind’s eye without slowing things down too much with extraneous detail, and by the end chances are you too will be invested in the future exploits of GF1… Paul Simpson
    SciFi Bulletin
  • It’s the Mexican and Mayan flavourings that give Harris’s adventure yarn that bit of extra bite as she weaves a satisfyingly twisty plot…” James Lovegrove
    Financial Times

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  • My Really Rather Ordinary Life
    A few of my blog-readers have asked me to write about my normal life. I don’t feel much compulsion to this, tbh. I started a blog (The Joshua Files) for – urgh. All sorts of reasons. Mainly, because things were messed up and confusing and I needed somewhere to unload all that. In those days […]
  • Best. Night. Ever.
    Hello, blogeroons. Sorry it’s been so long since I posted, but Alisha commented that she would like to hear more, and I remembered that I DID write a blog, quite recently, but I posted it as a guest post on someone else’s blog. So here it is, in case you missed it: This is what we […]