New editions of The Joshua Files with new artwork, including prequel The Descendant in the matching set, BUY links for Amazon, paperback and Kindle. All BUY links for paperback and Kindle, Amazon UK and USA in one place.

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Gemini Force One Artwork

Gorgeous artwork from Chris Thompson and Andrew Probert, the legendary Hollywood designer who created the designs of GF One (interior and exterior) and GF Two according to descriptions left by Gerry Anderson. Plus photos from the Oxford launch party!

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Gemini Force One #2 – GHOST MINE

Ben Carrington is finally part of Gemini Force, but he's got a lot to learn and the lessons are dangerous! When news of trapped miners comes in to Gemini Force 1, Ben is desperate to prove himself - but he's about to discover that some people will do anything for gold.

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What Reviewers Say:

  • I highly recommend this book for any competent reader but especially for those reluctant boys – they will be captivated by the exhilarating journey of a James Bond/Indiana Jones type storyline. Josh faces death, kidnap, thrills and spills and a touch of teen angst and I believe even the most hesitant readers will find his journey thrilling. This is a complex puzzle and the pace is unrelenting; I defy anyone to find a static page.” Eve Harvey
  • Dark Parallel is pure adrenaline… A great new way of bringing history to life, the Joshua Files mixes historical detail with modern technology and time travel. A well-written, fast-paced read that will appeal to anyone with an interest in history.” Inis Magazine