1. What’s an ARG?

An Alternate Reality Game is an online game, usually in the form of a mystery or puzzle-based STORY which unfolds over time. Every day and each new Website in the game you’ll find out a bit more. You’ll get deeper into the story.

 2. How do you play?

Start here:

There’s a central mystery to be solved. It’s like a treasure hunt, following a trail of clues across the Web. You can pick up clues all over the Websites in the game.

BUT! To understand all the clues you need to understand the STORY.

 3. Wait a minute – this is just a game isn’t it? None of this is real…is it?

First rule of an ARG is TINAG – This Is Not A Game.

 4. But…it IS a game isn’t it?

Okay then, we admit it, it may not be real. But don’t let on…if it looks real and feels real and gives you a little shiver thinking it might be real…then keep playing the game…and don’t spoil it for anyone else.

 5. Do I need to have read any Joshua Files books to join this game?

At least one clue has been hidden by JOSH in his blog posts in ICE SHOCK (as published by Scholastic Children’s Books UK or Walker Books for Young Readers). So to solve that clue you will need to have access to a copy of ICE SHOCK, yes. But if you don’t happen to own one and can’t borrow one from the library, you can always ask for help on the forum…

 6. So…what ARE the clues?

A clue could be a password to a website where you can find more of the story. The clue might appear in code somewhere…or it might be right in front of your eyes.

 7. I found the password clues. But how do I solve the mystery?

To solve the mystery you must also understand the STORY.

In murder mysteries the killer is the person who has:

– a CHANCE to kill

– a REASON to kill

As you learn more about the world of THE DESCENDANT you’ll begin to have suspicions. Keep asking yourself the questions: could this person have committed the murder (or ordered it)? Did this person have a good reason?

8. I missed the live run of the game. Is it still worth playing?

Of course! You can play the game at your own pace now. We estimate there’s around 6 hours play time, depending on how detailed you want to get. More if you are really keen! Play alone by starting at the first clue or use a walkthrough thread – there are two, one that follows the game day-by-day and a detailed thread at unfiction, which goes into more depth at solving clues.

 9. What’s this about a prize of a Kindle for solving a puzzle?

Go to, LIKE the page and then find out more. . .