Rave reviews for APOCALYPSE MOON!

Early reviews of APOCALYPSE MOON are in – and they’re great! (phew…)

John Lloyd at The BookBag:

“Whether we’ve been in corners of Oxford Inspector Morse would recognise, or darkest Latin America, it’s all been vivid to us. And Josh’s world has always been remarkably coherent, however much time-travel, prehistoric science and modern physics has been thrown at it. . . This is a very well crafted saga. Josh, his girl and his temperament, dovetail into a much broader picture of saving the world that has a compelling energy and way surpasses its more nonsensical elements. These five files are well worth diving into.”

Darren Hartwell at The BookZone:

“I loved it. . . It is the perfect ending to a series that I was enjoying long before I started The Book Zone. We are treated to even more twists and turns, and shock revelations about secondary characters and the part they may have to play in the 2012 plan. . . I would be absolutely amazed if there is a single Joshua Files fan out there who ends up feeling disappointed on finishing this book. I am a little sad that we have come to the end of Josh’s story, but also elated that it ends with such a great final instalment.”

From Goodreads and Amazon.co.uk:

“I have no words that are adequate enough to describe hw awesomely epic this book is. I think it may be my favorite. Either this one, or Zero Moment. I’m not going to reveal any spoilers yet, since the book technically is released on the fifth… I just got lucky getting my brother to pick me up a copy. I’m soooo psyched about it. It’s amazing and has a totally unexpected ending!”

“I will say that our whole family loved it. I will say that for me the best parts involved Tyler – great to see him back in a central role. And finally, I will say to the author that, once one has opened the door to time travel and parallel realities, further Josh adventures must always be possible. There’s probably one happening right now, somewhere, somewhen…”


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