black horizon posters The first reviews of GEMINI FORCE 1 are here and they’re FAB!

Starburst Magazine’s Ed Fortune:

“As you might expect, this organisation not only has a hidden floating base, it also has a fleet of highly specialised rescue vehicles and an elite team of lifesaving experts. There’s even a sinister bad guy and a glamorous spy. Thirty pages in and you may well be humming the Thunderbirds theme tune under your breath.

M.G. Harris is a very skilled storyteller, weaving together narrative strands into one compelling experience.Black Horizon is a fantastic thriller for adrenaline junkies of all ages.”

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LoveReading4Kids and The Guardian Books’ Julia Eccleshare:

“Prepare yourself, the action and adventure not only starts immediately, it simply doesn’t stop. 16 year old headstrong Ben has a fabulous role model, his mother is courageous, determined and loyal, she is absolutely someone you would want by your side in an emergency. You can definitely feel the influence of Gerry Anderson as there is a hint of ‘Thunderbirds’ in Gemini Force 1, however this is a refreshingly modern twist on the story of a rescue organisation.” Read the full LoveReading4Kids review of Gemini Force One: Black Horizon by MG Harris

What Culture’s Ian Coomber:

“For all its heavy themes and appeal to Anderson fans of any age however, Black Horizon is undoubtedly a young adult novel at heart. Regardless of what Gemini Force may throw at Ben, his own struggles with school, fitting in, and getting noticed by girls are never far away. (Gemini Force 1) is the true successor to Thunderbirds’ crown. In Gemini Force 1, Gerry Anderson has created something that is more than deserving of finding an audience on its own merits, and with Black Horizon, M.G, Harris has ensured that it is also more than capable.”   Read the full What Culture review of Gemini Force One: Black Horizon by MG Harris

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