The Joshua Files is a series of young adult thrillers written by Mexican-born author M. G.  Harris.

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The Story

When his archaeologist father goes missing in Mexico, teenage Josh Garcia suspects he’s been abducted by the UFOs that were filmed nearby. As Josh begins to uncover the truth, he stumbles upon the real reason for his father’s trip to Mexico – a search for a lost Mayan codex thought to contain a prophecy about the end of the world.

Now Josh is being tracked by government agents and a hit man from a mysterious sect bent on bringing about a new world order after the apocalypse. It all leads to a hidden city buried deep in the Mexican jungle, where an ancient civilization is waiting to be awoken. The language of DNA is more ancient than anyone knows – and Josh is one of a few humans left who can change the destiny of the world.

But as Josh’s adventures progress, echoes reach him across the span of time . . .who is the enigmatic, elusive ‘Arcadio’? Is time-travel real? Is fate pre-ordained, or could there be a way to return to one’s ‘zero moment’ – the point at which everything went wrong?

The Joshua Files is a best-selling series that has been translated into seventeen languages including French, German, Spanish, Polish, Indonesian, Japanese and Vietnamese.

A saga of thrills, puzzles, action, adventure and plot twists. in which the mysteries keep going . . . right until the very end.

Praise for The Joshua Files:

“As thrilling as a rollercoaster ride, this fantastical world of spies, spirits, ancient prophecies and hidden cities tests Josh to his limits and he comes to understand the conflicting demands of friendship, family, loyalty and duty.” The BookTrust

“A fast-paced, first-person thriller. Her book’s Mexico setting is richly evoked, and its historical and conspiracy elements are convincingly delineated.” Financial Times

“This series is awesome and I have really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend this to anybody. 5/5 stars!!! ” Guardian Children’s Books

“A very well-crafted saga. Josh, his girl and his temperament, dovetail into a much broader picture of saving the world that has a compelling energy.”” The Bookbag

“Indiana Jones would have stiff competition in young Joshua Garcia . . . This novel is well written, with the action unfolding at a fast and satisfying clip. This series is destined to be a hit. Not only is the non-stop action enthralling, but the many mysteries and unanswered questions will have the reader begging for the rest of the series. Highly Recommended.” Library Media Connection, starred review

“MG Harris proves she has a deft touch and a real skill for writing heart-stopping adventure in her code-cracking debut The Joshua Files: Invisible City. After finding a secret manuscript hidden in the back of a photograph frame, Josh is propelled into a high-speed chase across Mexico. Harris has paced this fast-moving adventure with expertise, breaking up the action with Josh’s blog entries and ensuring that a very real story of grief and depression of a mother driven to the brink of insanity after the loss of her husband is threaded through the book to give balance and authenticity.” Vanessa Curtis, Glasgow Herald

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The Descendant - a Joshua Files prequel

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The Joshua Files 1: Invisible City

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The Joshua Files 2: Ice Shock

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The Joshua Files 3: Zero Moment

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The Joshua Files 4: Dark Parallel

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The Joshua Files 5: Apocalypse Moon

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Media coverage of The Joshua Files

The first book, INVISIBLE CITY, published by Scholastic Children’s Books UK was the fastest-selling debut in children’s fiction in the UK for 2008 (“The Joshua Files” in Oxford Times, 2008). The second installment, ICE SHOCK was launched at St Gregory the Great School, Oxford (“Pupils help launch Oxford author’s new book” in Oxford Mail 2008), which in the story is also the school attended by the main character Josh.

The Joshua Files was one of the first UK young adult book series to feature an online Alternate Reality Game when in March 2009, The Descendant was launched alongside Ice Shock. The Joshua Files’s ARG was included in top ARG site’s list of most-talked about games of 2009. The Descendant ARG is based on the novel of the same name – a Joshua Files prequel.

A prequel?

The Descendant is a standalone techno-thriller that takes place in the Joshua Files fictional universe. You can read it before the series, between book 1 (INVISIBLE CITY) and book 2 (ICE SHOCK) or after the series.

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