How to pronounce words in “The Joshua Files: Invisible City”

So you read “Invisible City” – but did you manage to sound out all those Spanish, Mexican and Portuguese words properly? In case you’re wondering, here’s a short video to help:

Atanzahab Atans-ah-hab  (Mexican)
Au malandrau Or-malan-draw (Portuguese)
Agaltepec Agal-teh-pec (Mexican)
Bakab Bak-ahb (Mexican)
Becan Beh-can (Mexican)
Benicio Ben-ees-yo (Spanish)
Calakmul Calak-mool (Mexican)
Cancuen Can-cwen (Mexican)
Capoiera Capoo-wera (Portuguese)
Catemaco Cateh-mah-cor (Spanish)
Cauac Ca-wac (Mexican)
Cenote Seh-not-eh (Mexican)
Chaneque Chan-eh-kweh (Mexican)
Chechan Naab Cheh-chan-nahb (Mexican)
Chetumal Chetoo-mal (Mexican)
Chiapas Chee-apas (Mexican)
Cocorinha Cor-cor-rinia (Portuguese)
Delfin Del-feen (Spanish)
Ek naab Ek-nahb (Mexican)
Ginga Jeen-gah (Portuguese)
Itzamna Eets-am-nah (Mexican)
Ix Eesh (Mexican)
Ixchel Eesh-el (Mexican)
Jalapa Hal-ah-pa (Spanish)
Mayan My-ann (Mexican)
Muluc Mool-ook (Mexican)
Muwan Moo-ann (Mexican)
Orizaba Oree-sah-ba (Spanish)
Tapachula Tapa-choola (Spanish)
Tikal Tee-kahl (Spanish)
Tuxtla Tooks-lah (Mexican)
Queixada Kay-shada (Portuguese)
Valladolid Bay-add-ol-eed (Spanish)
Veracruz Beh-rah-crooz (Spanish)
Vigores Beeg-or-ez (Spanish)
Xibalba be Shee-bahl-bah beh (Mexican)
Yuknoom ch’een Yook-noom ch’-ehn (Mexican)