Music in The Joshua Files

Calling all jazzers and rock fans…

Andres Garcia, Josh’s college professor, archaeologist father shares one trait with the author…he’s a fan of that golden age of jazz – bebop and the 1960’s fusion movement which brought in bossa nova.

Which means Stan Getz, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Tom Jobim, John Coltrane…

For those readers too young to remember these greats of jazz, most of whom have now passed away, these were the guys who brought in the smooth, mellow jazz; apart from Davies and Coltrane they were nerdly white boys who grooved with their heads down. Bill Evans has been called the Glenn Gould of jazz, but although he played classical music, Gould was FAR weirder.

Pride of place for story-importance is “Kind Of Blue” by Miles Davis, which some jazz fans consider to be the most influential jazz album ever recorded. It’s both Camila’s and Andres Garcia’s favourite music. Josh might not dig these tunes but he’s known them since he was in the womb…

Here’s the brilliant, evocative “Blue In Green” from “Kind Of Blue”.


Some songs specifically mentioned in “Invisible City” are:

“Waters of March”

In ZERO MOMENT, this is the music Josh hears in the dream of his sister in the lake house at Bacalar, and which plays at his house-warming party in Ek Naab at the end.

In DARK PARALLEL, Josh sings to Ixchel on the beach, “The Only Ones Who Know” by Arctic Monkeys.

In APOCALYPSE MOON, he tries to sing again, but gets choked up… This is what he’s trying to sing: “Last Night on Earth” by Green Day.

Elsewhere Josh slips in a couple of references to his favourite songs, one of which is Green Day’s “Walking Contradiction”:

And of course, TopShopPrincess takes her name from a song by HER favourite band, Arctic Monkeys – “Still Take You Home”:

Love those Yorkshire accents…

Now then. Have I forgotten anything?