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“An action-packed adventure involving conspiracy theories, end-of-the-world prophecies, government agents, futuristic technology, and a bit of the supernatural. Josh’s quest for an ancient codex reaches a satisfying ending in this first book in the series, and at the same time builds anticipation for further revelations in sequels to come.” School Library Journal

“An exciting adventure and coming-of-age story with plot twists and cliffhanger chapter endings that will keep you up all night to finish .” San Jose Mercury News

“The hidden society, created out of a rich mix of Mayan lore and fantasy, is intriguing and well developed. Readers seeking a flashy, movie-ready plot with a lightning pace will enjoy this breezy action tale.” BCCB

“Indiana Jones would have stiff competition in young Joshua Garcia, the 13-year-old protagonist of this fast-paced action adventure…This novel is well written, with the action unfolding at a fast and satisfying clip. This series is destined to be a hit. Not only is the non-stop action enthralling, but the many mysteries and unanswered questions will have the reader begging for the rest of the series. Highly Recommended.”–Library Media Connection, starred review

“The end-of-the-world scenario is hard to resist, and appealing Josh makes a solid hero” Booklist

“A splendid adventure story of UFOs, ancient Mayan documents and a lost city. The hero is eminently likeable, there is a splendid only-you-can-save-the-World denouement and you’ll come away with a degree of esoteric knowledge about ancient Central America as well.” Louisa Young, Mail on Sunday

“As thrilling as a rollercoaster ride, this fantastical world of spies, spirits, ancient prophecies and hidden cities tests Josh to his limits and he comes to understand the conflicting demands of friendship, family, loyalty and duty.” The BookTrust

“MG Harris proves she has a deft touch and a real skill for writing heart-stopping adventure in her code-cracking debut The Joshua Files: Invisible City. After finding a secret manuscript hidden in the back of a photograph frame, Josh is propelled into a high-speed chase across Mexico. Harris has paced this fast-moving adventure with expertise, breaking up the action with Josh’s blog entries and ensuring that a very real story of grief and depression of a mother driven to the brink of insanity after the loss of her husband is threaded through the book to give balance and authenticity.” Vanessa Curtis, Glasgow Herald

“A gripping survival story begins. Without his friends, miles from a computer, Josh braves snakes and spiders before arriving at a labyrinthine hidden city, a boy’s fantasy of pyramids, caves and tunnels. Josh’s quest for a long-lost Mayan text giving the key to salvation is bound up with his personal destiny in an unexpected way. But he is also, like all 13-year-olds, uncertain of what the future will bring. Harris cleverly captures this pivotal period.” Carole Mansur, The Daily Telegraph

“A fast-paced, first-person thriller. Her book’s Mexico setting is richly evoked, and its historical and conspiracy elements are convincingly delineated.” James Lovegrove, Financial Times

“It’s hot off the press and hot to look at with its bright orange plastic cover…it really grabs your attention. *****” The Cool Zone, Sunday Express

“Conspiracy and intrigue, complemented by non-stop action and excellent characterisation make this an exciting debut. Think Young Bond/CHERUB levels of potential. Plus the cover is really cool.” Publishing News

“Thrilling adventure as an ancient civilization is awakened by one boy. Desperate to find out what has happened to his dad after he goes missing, Josh gets caught up in a race to find the legendary lost book of the ancient Mayas. Can he do it? And will he survive?” Julia Eccleshare, Guardian Children’s Books Editor on

“I highly recommend this book for any competent reader but especially for those reluctant boys – they will be captivated by the exhilarating journey of a James Bond/Indiana Jones type storyline. Josh faces death, kidnap, thrills and spills and a touch of teen angst and I believe even the most hesitant readers will find his journey thrilling. This is a complex puzzle and the pace is unrelenting; I defy anyone to find a static page.” Eve Harvey, WriteAway

“Joshua Files: The Invisible City by MG Harris is another book that will attract attention – the ground-breaking and retina-scorching jacket is remarkable, and the content is fabulous too. Josh is obsessed with UFOs, and when his archaeologist father goes missing in Mexico, he suspects alien abduction. Fast-paced and exciting, this is one for fans of Alex Rider and Young Bond.” The Bookseller

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9781909072060“Questions of self-belief and enquiry into that which is preordained provide food for thought that complements the furious action in this adventure. An enthralling, satisfying read that will leave its audience hungry for future instalments.” Jake Hope, Books for Keep

“One of the rare sequels that improve upon the original. Touches of science fiction and fantasy add flavor to the action and adventure,  as do Borgesian allusions and a charming tale of two long-dead lovers. A good bet for the thrill-seeking middle school crowd.” Kirkus Reviews 

“It’s the Mexican and Mayan flavourings that give Harris’s adventure yarn that bit of extra bite as she weaves a satisfyingly twisty plot…” James Lovegrove, Financial Times

“An even more accomplished rollercoaster of a ride. No wonder Harris’ Invisible City was the no. 1 debut of 2008. It wouldn’t surprise us at Lovereading4kids if this second novel becomes one of the top titles of the year.” Lovereading4kids

“It provides all the essential requirements for any good book: a good storyline, surprising twists and the most crucial of all, a dramatic ending, an ending which leaves you wanting more, and makes you feel the need to read and re-read this book over and over, to fulfil your need for adventure.” Chicklish

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9781909072084“Explosive and compelling, this is the third part of the bestselling Joshua Files sequence. Don’t feel it’s essential to read the first two titles to enjoy this 3rd heart-stopping adventure, as the author cleverly interweaves the story to date at the beginning of this one.”

“The first thing that hits you about Harris’ third instalment in this series is the electric pace. The front of the book may make it seem like another Alex Rider of Young James Bond book but the Joshua Files are different, delving into the Mayan civilisation in great depth and touching on mysticism and time travel – an eclectic thematic mix that deserves to grab a wider audience.” Writeaway

“Zero Moment really is as captivating a read as the first two books in the series, and takes The Joshua Files story to its next level. The detail that MG Harris puts into her writing continues to make the reader empathise with Josh’s confused emotions completely. She also very cleverly keeps us guessing at every moment with her plot twists – there really is no second guessing where the story is going to go next.” BookZone4Boys

“More than just a boy action adventure. Under the surface you can actually depict a sensitive side to the story. The book feels like the reader is engaging in a head long rush of excitement and into a long journey containing peril and danger.” Mr Ripley’s Enchanted Books

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A headlong new title in this best-selling series, Joshua narrates a new adventure with his trademark sharpness and familiar cool. Gripping, fast-paced and exciting, this is sure to get the adrenalin pumping round the readers’ body. Lovereading4kids
Dealing with time travel and its inherent problems, such as how much change is too much, Dark Parallel is pure adrenaline. A great new way of bringing history to life, the Joshua Files mixes historical detail with modern technology and time travel. It has also become interactive, not only with the Joshua Files website, but also the fact that the Mayan prophesies really do exist and concern a time that is fast approaching us. A well-written, fast-paced read that will appeal to anyone with an interest in history. Inis Magazine

Another great action adventure which is oozing with Mayan culture. The book incorporates some amazing places, which Josh and Ixchel visit whilst time travelling from place to place, in order to save the world from the scrupulous villains of the Sect of Huracan. The Snake Kingdom is a particularly amazing historical and mythical place, it is written with such colourful and vivid imagery, that it will leave you breathless. Another great adrenalin rush of action that will leave every reader wanting more.  A joyous and compelling teenage read like no other. Mr Ripley’s Enchanted Books

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After four lurid, neon plastic covers to these books, the fifth and final one is stark black. The hero, Josh Garcia, probably didn’t predict this, either – that every step he seems to have gone towards understanding and preventing the end of the world in December 2012, is looking to have been in vain. And even having seen so much throughout the series, even he hasn’t seen anything as galling, disappointing and hellish as earth, after the end event, as foreseen so long ago by the Mayans. That black is very appropriate. A very well crafted saga. Josh, his girl and his temperament, dovetail into a much broader picture of saving the world that has a compelling energy and way surpasses its more nonsensical elements. These five files are well worth diving into. The Bookbag

  • I loved it. It is the perfect ending to a series that I was enjoying long before I started The Book Zone. I would be absolutely amazed if there is a single Joshua Files fan out there who ends up feeling disappointed on finishing this book. I am a little sad that we have come to the end of Josh’s story, but also elated that it ends with such a great final installment. BookZone4Boy

This book is about the apocalyptic surge that Joshua goes forward in time to see and then has to prevent, using clues from the four books. Joshua is by far the best character and I like him as he is very mysterious, talented and brave because of his Dad dying, his long-lost sister being killed, and the long, hard journey to get the IX Codex. This series is awesome and I have really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend this to anybody. 5/5 stars!!! Guardian Children’s Books

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